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By Paul 'Batman' O'Brien
B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

This Free Samurai Articles section is possibly the most important page on

Here you will find all the Essay's, Articles, Sword Reviews, Guides and more to help you learn all you need to about the way of the samurai, martial arts and Japanese Swords. 

Most of the time the stuff I read on the way of the samurai is either wrong or just dead boring. This isn’t the case here. Each one of these is short and to the point, packed with the highest researched information and the best tips and techniques taken form my experience in training in samurai arts and koryu bujutsu.

Every article has been laid out in its own section in a specific order. One essay and guide flows into the next picking up where the last left off and introducing new concepts or explaining something mentioned in the last one in more detail. Read through them in sequence, or skip to whatever takes your interest. Spend time here learning the every aspect of the way of the samurai. 

Samurai History

Samurai History

Samurai Philosophy

Samurai Sword Reviews

Sword Reviews


Martial Arts Katana and Shinken

Tanto - Japanese Daggers

Movie Replica's & Live Blades

Wooden Weapons

  • Benkei Bokken (
  • Custom Isu Wood Bokken (Tozandos)
  • Custom White Oak Niten Ryu Daisho (Tozandos)
  • Red Oak Bokken (Ki Martial arts)
  • Suburi Bokken (Ki Martial Arts)
  • White Oak Bokuto (Ki Martial Arts)
  • White Oak Tanto (Ki Martial Arts)


Martial Arts

  • Martial Arts HistoryThe Evolution of Combat
  • Ancient Japanese Martial Arts: Part 2 of the Japanese martial arts history series, focusing on Koryū*
  • History of Japanese martial arts: Part 3 of the Japanese martial arts history series, focusing on Modern Arts *
  • What is Koryu Bujutsu- Defining a Life Through The Science of War
  • What is Iaido? - The Art of Japanese Swordsmanship
  • An Introduction to Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryū (originally published in Irish Fighter Magazine)
  • Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu - The Sword Style of Miyamoto Musashi
  • The Iaido FAQ - A Q & A for the Beginner 
  • Japanese Martial Arts Terms: A quick reference glossary *
  • Japanese Martial Arts Styles: From Aikido and Araki-ryū to Karate and Yoshin-ryū. *
  • Japanese Ancient Martial Arts: A basic directory of koryū styles *
  • List of Japanese martial arts: Both Ancient Koryu and Modern Gendai Budō *
  • Japanese Martial Arts: A beginners guide Japanese Martial Arts Weapons: A visual guide to the tool of combat *
  • Knife Attack - How Common Are They and How Can You Stop Them?
  • Knife Attack Defence 101 - Shielding
  • The Dojo vs the Street - Reality of Real the Real World Violence
  • The Tactical L - The Footwork of Knife Defence

*= coming soon

Samurai Strength Training

From the Archives

Frauds & Fakes

Books and Products

Books and Products

Misc Site Pages

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